Summer Interns Are Arriving at The San Jose Group

Summer has come, and with it, a new batch of Junior Executive interns have arrived here at the San Jose Group. For many, their first day is the culmination of a months-long job search; they’ve researched companies and networked with potential contacts, written and re-written resumes, and finally sent out applications and cover letters in the hopes of securing that all-important interview. For both undergraduates and graduate students alike, landing an internship with the San Jose Group is the result of their outstanding credentials as well as their patience and persistence throughout the process.

Competition can be intense for internships in the field of advertising, but college students know the value of real-world experience in today’s competitive global marketplace. Companies hire only those applicants who are ready to hit the ground running, and candidates with internship experience demonstrate that they have the skills necessary to succeed in an entry-level position.

The Junior Executive Program at the San Jose Group is unique in that it provides agency experience in the cutting-edge world of Hispanic marketing. As the largest minority group in the United States, Hispanics have become a much-studied and sought-after segment of the population. Many corporations are beginning to understand the importance of our cultural expertise in order to appeal to the psyche of the Hispanic consumer. In another telling sign, Chicago’s DePaul University has joined the ranks of universities that now offer a degree specifically in the field of Hispanic Marketing.

In an industry where you’re either on the train or under it, The San Jose Group’s Junior Executive program gives students a leg up in one of marketing’s fastest-growing sectors. A Junior Executive at SJG can expect to work closely with team members on real clients’ projects. Previous JEs can attest to the crucial experience they gained during their time at our agency.

According to Kristen:
My experience was extremely rewarding. In addition to honing my communication and interpersonal skills, learning invaluable knowledge regarding the advertising field and maturing professionally, I thoroughly enjoyed working with such a dynamic group of people.

And Rodrigo:
After 3 months [as a Junior Executive], I was hired by an internationally recognized organization as a marketing and events representative to spearhead their Hispanic initiative. The SJG program made it possible for my dream to come true.

Regardless of which opportunities you may choose to pursue, remember that finding an internship is a process. It is time-consuming, and it may be unpleasant to get turned down, but maintaining a positive attitude will take you farther than you think. Marketing, after all, is all about the pitch – if you have confidence in your abilities and know how to talk up your strong points, you have the potential to land your dream internship.

The San Jose Group is currently accepting applications for the Junior Executive program for Fall 2009.

–Contributed by SJG Junior Executive Rachael Holman


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