As Generation Gap Narrows, Families Embrace Multicultural Values

Nickelodeon & Harris Interactive recently released an interesting snapshot of American families, showing how cultural trends, new technology and the economy are affecting attitudes and behaviors. Interestingly, today’s families are increasingly multigenerational units that embrace values typically attributed to multicultural segments. It’s no suprise that as the American population grows increasingly diverse, multicultural segments and their values are influencing and generally making up a greater portion of the general population.

Some key points of the study:

  • 83% of parents spend at least some time each week just “hanging out” and talking with their kid/s; and 86% eat dinner together at least once a week.
  • 61% of parents of 2-17 year-olds say the grandparents assist with raising the kids (source: Nickelodeon 2008 Family Study, OTX US data).
  • Technology serves as a core family member, as parents and kids spend time together using various media. 82% and 77% of families are watching TV or movies together at home, respectively, each week; 41% of parents and kids are listening to music together; and 36% are playing games together (source: Nickelodeon 2008 Family Study, OTX US data).
  • 88% of kids believe that it’s important to learn about different cultures, and 95% of kids value the importance of respecting other cultures.

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