Hispanic journalists on Twitter

As a follow-up to my previous post about Spanish media using social media, I thought I’d start a “Hispanic journalists on Twitter” list. There are plenty of these for the general market but I haven’t seen one for the Hispanic market.

Here is the start of my list and I’ll try to update this over time. Feel free to add any others in the comments section!


4 responses

  1. also http://www.impre.com/laopinion

    I am also on twitter


    I am a long time writer for La Opinion in Los Angeles, current senior political writer and blogger

  2. Cecilia Alvear | Reply

    I am a TV/multimedia producer = after 25 years with NBC News I am now self-unemployed.
    I am on twitter as @galapa_gal
    giving information on the Galapagos Islands and conservation

  3. Antonio Mejias-Rentas | Reply

    I’m the arts/entertainment/lifestyle editor at La Opinion in Los Angeles and my twitter account is @lataino and the paper’s account is @laopinionla

  4. We are a Hispanic media company connecting buyers and sellers in the Hispanic community through our weekly publication, website, networking events, and seminars.

    Here are our Twitter accounts:


    You could also follow me at @jacobarriola

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