Hispanic public relations a growing discipline

Copyright Flickr user visual.dichotomy

After feeling like the stepchild of Hispanic marketing for a long time, public relations is coming into its own and being recognized as the powerful tool it is to reach the Hispanic segment. Manny Ruiz, publisher of Hispanic PR Blog recently did an interview with PR Week about the unique timing for public relations to finally receive the attention it deserves as a discipline in the Hispanic marketing industry. Ruiz is also involved in organizing the first-ever Hispanic PR and Social Marketing Conference this May, which is a very exciting addition to the calendar of annual conferences. Additionally, this week marks the launch of HispanicAd.com’s PR blog, which provides another resource for news related to the industry.

Add to this the upcoming 2010 Census results, which will serve as a wake-up call for any corporate marketers that haven’t previously been convinced of the viability of this market, and the Hispanic PR Census, which will shine a light on the professionals working in the industry.

Now that public relations has secured an increasingly influential seat at the table in the general market, it’s encouraging to see a similar trend follow in the Hispanic market. I look forward to more discussion around the growth of Hispanic public relations as a discipline and as a tool for marketers.


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