San Jose Network conference brings together independent agencies, marketers

Can a single independent agency rise to a level of global reach? It may be nearly impossible, but many clients are discovering that when independent agencies around the globe join forces and work together in harmony, clients receive outstanding global marketing programs. At this year’s 2010 San Jose Network Conference, member agencies and industry thought leaders had a chance to meet face-to-face and begin new collaborations. Ultimately, we learned that our clients aren’t looking for agencies, but business partners. After meeting in person we realized that we are a bank of specialties that can offer standardized services to our clients either through the exchange of talent, or the exchange of creative ideas in different markets.

We also saw the clear demand for online expertise. Amongst the many topics discussed during the conference, many covered the growing digital space, including: social media, interactive standards and keyword search. Social media was described simply as a party with many different conversations. It is a new means for agencies to reach their clients in cost effective ways, but not in time; it must constantly be fed. 

Some simple rules and standards for online marketing initiatives our speakers shared were:

  • Google analytics – every website should have it!
  • 4-second rule: that’s how long you have to make a visual impression.
  • Google pages use 200-250 words, don’t use Flash.
  • Other resources : Spy Fu,, SEO Quake, Yahoo, MSN search engines.
  • You must link your site to other websites to be easily found.
  • Keywords are optimal “word trackers.”

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