Marianismo not a defining characteristic of the Nueva Latina

Working in the Hispanic market industry, we have been able to view firsthand the transformations that are occurring year after year. One of them is the Nueva Latina, a subject matter that is worth highlighting – especially, because the transformation has impacted the archaic view of the Hispanic woman and her role within society.

In many instances, when describing the role of the Hispanic woman, we have used the term “marianismo” as defining characteristic. What we mean by marianismo, wikipedia defines it best, is a tendency for the wife or woman to be emotional, kind, instinctive, whimsical, docile, compliant, vulnerable and unassertive. Basically, marianismo is the best matching pair for a machismo society that wants its women to raise their children, be spiritually pure and submissive to men’s demands.

For the most part, we continue to see the unacculturated traditional Hispanic woman conform to marianismo. However, the farther we move up through the acculturation scale, the less marianismo describes the fastest-growing Hispanic woman sub-segment, the Nueva Latina.

Flickr user helgabj

Introducing the “Nueva Latina” to Corporate America, we describe her as a second-generation Hispanic (or has lived half of her live or more in the U.S.), English dominant, college educated, and a career woman. But most importantly, her inner core has changed more to self reliant, assertive, impervious and driven.

The Nueva Latina continues to maintain characteristics common to the unacculturated, traditional Latina, like being emotional, instinctive and family oriented. But this time, she sees her success not through the accomplishments of others, but rather through her own personal achievements. The Nueva Latina not only is the main decision maker for most CPG products, she is also a primary decision maker or a strong influential within insurance, banking, and investment categories among others.  

As effective Hispanic marketers, being able to understand and capture who this Nueva Latina segment is, to identify her needs and desires, will allow brands to craft their communications to bring relevance and connect with their consumers at their core.


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