SJG Employees’ Thoughts of Super Bowl 2011 TV spots

Our office was buzzing yesterday with discussion of the TV spots from Sunday’s Super Bowl game.  Below are some of the  thoughts on the good, the bad and the ugly.  Do you agree with our team’s opinions?  Check out all the spots on this link: and let us know!

Which were the best spots?  Why?

  • “BMW, Clean, Quite, Powerful” Brutal Simplicity… People coughing black smoke, old cars… until BMW shows up with a “Clean, Quite, Powerful” payout. – Cesar Rodriguez, Creative Director
  • Volkswagen Passat.  The Young Vader was so cute how frustrated he was.  Also, the E –Trade Cat was  funny, and Bridgestone Karma was cute and reply all was funny because it happens to all of us. – Wanda Diaz, Office Manager
  • I LOVED the Chrysler/Eminem lose yourself ad. It blatantly addressed the perceived issues around the city and whoever wrote the voiceover copy was genius. I think it was an ad that would make people from Detroit proud.  I watched it with someone from the area and he was grinning.  The Eminem track/appearance was a nice touch too.  There was a ad where the guy thought he was being car-jacked due to all the services he was experiencing was just hilarious. The Bridgestone Reply All commercial was great. I think because we can all relate to that feeling. – Gloria Crawford, Junior Executive
  • Bud Light “Product placement” was my favorite commercial by far! Very funny. It’s a way of poking fun at ourselves, and admitting that advertisers can sometimes go a little overboard with product placement. I sure most viewers got a kick out of seeing the exaggerated use of the light  logo and product, especially the random truck that blows through the scene. – Danny Vazquez, Sr. Graphic Designer

What spots were not effective or buzz worthy?  What did they lack?

  • Best Buy was horrible! A lot of wasted talent (Ozzy, Justin Beiber). Best Buy (The product) got lost among this whole mess. – Cesar Rodriguez, Creative Director
  • The Mini commercials were terrible, bad taste – Wanda Diaz, Office Manager
  • To me, Coke is getting worse every year.  Their ads were just terrible. I think they lack direction. – Gloria Crawford, Junior Executive
  • I wasn’t a fan of the movie previews. They were kind of Blah…same old stuff. Nothing new. – Danny Vazquez, Sr. Graphic Designer  

Any spots that you thought were controversial?  Is the controversial nature of the spot the reason people will be talking about it?

  •, although I think it is wrong to show a 3 months baby being smacked against a glass door, I think it was tremendously funny commercial and really well executed however, people will probably remember it for the baby thing than for the actual product being sold. What is Home Away anyways? – Cesar Rodriguez, Creative Director
  • The Kim Kardashian Skechers ad was supposed to be risqué and scandalous. I was distracted by the fact that I didn’t really think it was her body they used since they never showed all of her in the ad.  I think people will talk about this just because it’s her and you saw her in spandex. with the baby’s face smashed against the glass was gross. I think they just did it for shock value, and that is why people will talk about it.  I tend to prefer funny commercials that I can relate to, and get to the point easily.  I do not like extravagant commercials that are over the top just to be something to talk about. – Gloria Crawford, Junior Executive
  • Nothing controversial this year. I think that Justin and Janet gave us enough controversy for the next few years. – Danny Vazquez, Sr. Graphic Designer

One response

  1. Nice discussion in sharing your opinions on the ads!

    Groupon ads (on Tibet and rain forest) were highly controversial and, according to many viewers, in very bad taste. Had they clearly linked these pieces to their honorable charity initiatives, the outcome would have been quite different. In rushing to push the envelope, CP+B’s out-of-the-box efforts seem to have backfired this time… Perhaps a more multicultural sensibility would have helped in avoiding this?…


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